Going to Kelantan

The comic team's going to Kelantan this Thursday and we're gonna take turns driving...a VAN...manual lagik tu ;_; Urgh, my manual driving skills suck XD Hopefully, I'll be able to sight see there. Too bad I don't have a digicam.


thesandman said...

abg gayour kata kau bantai tido sampai kota bahru,maner ada ko drive ... hampeh!

Hadibi said...

Bwahahahah! XD

MaMan said...

Haah! Dibi tido sampai Kelantan, pastu tido sampai balik KL.! NGAHAHAHA!

Haizum said...

He's always asleep on a road trip. The bugger. Oh but we stayed awake once the whole way from KK to Sandakan kan remember? Went a bit sotty la at the end. Lots of laughter over not so funny things. Though it being nearly dawn that time could probably have contributed.

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