So Close from Disney's Enchanted

Ah, Disney. Finally, you give us great movies to watch and awesome songs to sing to :) And So Close is one of my favorite Disney songs to date :D

Here's me singing it!

PS - Also, my first fanart of Enchanted heheh :P

So Close from Disney's Enchanted

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Missed the bus!

On the last day of my stay at my friend's house, I made some delicious Peach Float dessert for my buddies :) I hope they enjoy it! Alas, I overstayed a bit and when I reached KL Central, I missed the night's last bus to LCCT! Mwahaha, thank you for my patience! :)

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My Reward? A Macbook!

Most of the time, satisfaction after doing artworks is a reward just by itself. Every month or two, I would go out and get myself some new duds. Jeans, t-shirts and maybe a video game or two (well, maybe more than two :P).

So it's been almost a whole year that I've thrown myself out in the wild jungle of freelancing. What would you, reward yourself after a long period of working? For me, an Aluminum Macbook!

So, have you given yourself a reward for this year? :D

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HobbyCon 2008

HobbyCon is happening again this year! I went to the convention last year and I was impressed at what the commitee members have managed to make. This will be so much fun to attend like last year :)

I hope to have a table so I can sell my stuff. I just have to figure out what, haha!

Venue: Kompleks Asia City, Kota Kinabalu
Date: 6 - 7 December 2008

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Celebrating Merdeka Day in Kg. Tinosa

A few days ago, my whole village celebrated Malaysia's Merdeka Day (Independance Day) with a lot of fun & games. :) This is the 2nd Kg. Tinosa Merdeka Day festival that was held on my family's front lawn.

I awoke to the sound of some igal-igal song (I have no idea what it's called!), and rush outside to see everyone milling around the basketball court area. Here are some of the pictures that I took! :)

Kg Tinosa Merdeka Day

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