Sabah Coal Plant Issue

Recently here in Sandakan, there's been a ruckus about how the Coal Plant Project is being brought here from Lahad Datu. The people over there rejected the idea so now they're bringing it here?

What, are our lives less important that they'd bring the dirtiest power source to us?

I don't care how "clean" they say it is, in the long run, it'll still be BAD. Sure we use diesel everyday. Doesn't mean we want more junk up in our insides.

The New Straights Time Online has an article about this.

The Sandakan Chinese Chambers of Commerce are now having talks to find ways to get rid of this horrible horrible coal plant. My dad is joining in the cause! I'm gonna try to do something to.

So like, if you're affiliated with any NGO people, tell them to fight for this cause~ Cheesy

Coal is not cool!

1 comment:

Haizum said...

Hear hear.

Why is it they always think people from around here will just take whatever they say?


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