Digital Beginnings

Woo hoo! I finally bought a new computer last week! Thank god for monthly payments ;_; Now I can do work at home and color/sketch too! YES! and most important of all...I get to listen to my nice mp3s ^O^ YEAH!!! These are some stuff that I've been working on for my group's (Mars and Uranus) art & comic books...

A character for my comic.
I haven't named him yet though...

ARGH! Animals are hard to draw so I used some references for this :)

Sigh, deadlines are hecktick for me though! Argh, hopefully I'll be able to churn out good stuff for work and the MnU project...Hmm, can't wait to go back to my hometown for Hari Raya next week! I'll be able to meet my family and eat some home cooked meals. Mmm, yummy :9

Also one more thing is that probably at the end of December, I'll be getting myself a phone line so I can set up an internet account. Yippie! Then I'll be able to be online most of the time! Yay!


Anonymous said...

hey bing

cool la ur drawings..


kan best when we used to hangout dulu. how i didnt let u kunci ur pintu bilik coz aku takut.. ha ha ha.. :P


Haizum said...

BING! Get your old stuff from Tara before I get back there man! Then can copy all those nice songs from you~ Woohoo! Instant playlists for me man! hehehe.

And ya, your griffin looks weird. hehehe
But the guy is handsome. =D If you can find anyone around you that look like the guys you draw (same physique, big eyes, yo uknow the works!) bawa dia pi rumah, kasi kawin aku~ haehaehahehae Oh, but boytoy pun jadila kalau namau kawin~ haehahe

*muax* Luv you Bing~

Sandra Khoo said...

Finally! An update! ironically the idea of doing fantasy also came to me,with a griffin even but good thing I discarded the idea knowing full well that,what,everyone else will eventually be doing something fantasy-ish for the comics section. I'm glad I opted for Monkeys instead. Can't wait to see everyone's progress by the end of November. ;)

clouze carniva said...

Wow... so happy for you! And nice drawing... hope everything will go well. Good luck!

Hadibi said...

Paya - Of course I remember you freak! XD Ahahaha, hope everyone's well~

Acom - You slut!! XD Gonna be at Sandakan soon~ Whee!

Sandra Khoo - Nothing wrong with fantasy-ish stuff but it is great you're doing other stuff ^_^ Can't wait to see what you've cooked up!

Clouz - Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find it? Interesting read »

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