Gajillion of Things To Do

Sigh, after the holidays, my work load seems to have doubled...well, actually, it didn't but that one week holiday makes it look like I have a lot of work XD Well, Oscura is getting more fun to do cause I have some idea's on how to make the storyline much more fun to read as well as to make it easier for the readers to empathize with the characters, I hope ^_^ And I also did a new one page pin-up for my series(Newtype anyone? XD) which I hope to do for the other series in JOM!

The deadline to send in our works for Comics Fiesta looms closer...I just hope I can finish my comic and that fanart poster I wanted to do ;_;

Well, here's one eyecandy for you guys

Conan the Babaria (As my cousin said it when she was a toddler)


Alina Chau said...

Coool drawing!

Sandra Khoo said...

We all very busy people,mmmm,yes we are! What a life!

Asuka K said...

*huggles* Ganbate Hadibi!! >v< You can do it!

Raezarith said...

hmm.. Conan the babaria huh.. i wonder who said that? he he..

btw, come to my blog la.. i got chatterbox redi.. lets keep in touch through that!

miss ya


dedeng said...

hey bing, seen bleach lately? i really like how they introduce new characters in that anime.

clouze carniva said...

Same here!!! although I'm not bz doing work... I would always be bz doing others stuff lolz. Heheheee ;p

Hope you can finish whatever you do... Ganbattenee!!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi... would you mind to let me know if which website that I can download the cartoon of "The Knights of Melaka"? I hv missed to watch it past few years. So, I dunno where to download & keep, because it was the only animation cartoon movie that Malaysia success! And the songs for this movie are awesome too! What is the soundtrack or album for this movie title? I hv tried to search in the web, even in KRU & Indigo web couldn't find the tracks name, so frustrated....

Please let me know, so that I can burn 1 for my own collection, thank you dude!

Eagerly awaiting for your reply soon.

chapit said...

giler aa dude ko mmg artis sebenar isk best nyeeeee org reti lukis nih heuheuh nice nice artwerk

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