(Freaky) 3D Head Model...

I've been wanting to learn 3D for so long. I was stuck at home the other day and started cracking my knuckles and reading some books on making 3D stuff. I decicded I wanted a head!

I was gonna make a model of my Gem Hunter guy but I did something wrong and saved over some files blah blah and all I got is a bald head :P Which isn't that bad really but I think I lost a few hours of work ;_;

3D Head Model

And YES it IS a freaky head! I still don't know how to do this mapping thing...FREAK!


pinkishblueblack said...

it's.....Harry Potter movie 1 :P

maslight said...

hohhoo...ko blur sampai typo ka bing? XD

Gnd @ gndagnor said...

buek :P

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