Need Flash Animators!

Need Flash animators! Kingdom Hearts II Tribute to Friends Main Screen

Some of you might know that I've been trying to finish my Kingdom Hearts II: Tribute to Friends flash animation. Unfortunately, a big chunk of my time is taken by other things (so I can put food on the table haha).

I really HAVE TO finish it though! Most of the user interface has been finished. It's the movie animations that aren't done yet. I need your help!

Want to be a part of something special?
Wanna see your name when the movie credits roll?
Wanting to give back to the (Kingdom Hearts) community?

If it's all yes, then please send in your applications to hadibi@yahoo.com!
If you answered no...uhm, well just send an email anyway! ^.^

PS - Applicants must be able to draw & animate in Flash :O

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