Okami, Amaterasu Flash

I dunno what made me do a flash entry for Deviant Art's Okami 2008 contest. But I felt compelled to do it O_o

Inspired by how flowers bloom every time Ammy runs around.

Maybe cause I needed something to update. It was pretty fun to do. I kept it simple and short cause the contest is ending in like 3 days and I only read about it today. I'm happy with it :) I'm pretty sure I could've done Amaterasu a lot more justice. Hmm, coulda, shoulda, woulda. Ah, well at least I finished it in time to send to the contest :D

Amaterasu Flash by ~gndagnor on deviantART


zowoco said...

I liked that, nice post, cheers! zowoco marketing xx :)

hadibi/gndagnor said...

Thanks :)

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