Wacom's Graphire 4 Rubber Grip Problems - Part 2

I've recently been e-mailing back and forth with a representative from Wacom. He stressed that the rubber grips are NOT under warranty. Ok, I don't mind buying a replacement rubber pen. A friend told me though that there is no way to replace it because:

1. Wacom doesn't sell replacement rubber grips for Graphire4 pens. This is true cause I checked their site and didn't see any selling.

2. New rubber grips can't be put into the old pen. Kinda true, I tried sliding the rubber grip and it got stuck at the end, I could still take it out though because my rubber grip was already loose and torn.

So the only way is to buy a new pen :O LUCKILY out of good-will, Wacom Singapore (I bought the tablet online) will send me another pen which doesn't come with the rubber grip :) I'll have to send my pen to them first. My Graphire1 pen is still around (and still working!) so I can still do work.

I think this is such an inconvenience to consumers :( I think Wacom is phasing out the Graphire series though. The Bamboo series works the same BUT the pens doesn't have the rubber grip :D

I still think Wacom is the best graphics tablet out there, so it's still good to buy them :) Just stay away from the Graphire series. also remember if you have this problem, e-mail the Wacom branch you bought from, and tell them about your rubber grip problem. Good luck! :D


Haizum said...

Goodie. Don't they have distributors here in Malaysia?

maslight said...

oh i hope everything is gewd

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