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Wah, havent been updating this thing in awhile :P Anyway, life is good. Soon, there's gonna be a change :) Erm, nothing much to say about me haha.
On the 31st of August (Selamat Hari Merdeka semua!), MnU was interviewed by New Straits Times newspaper for a national day special! Whee, it was a blast~ Hui, bila lagik bah ;) Haha the NST building looks like Karamunsing in the old days...HARHAR

Read the article here : http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/39012122/
Pics of us in various poses...: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/39013143/

Everything is going SLOWly for the animation. We're thinking realistically and we're going to concentrate more on the book for Comic Fiesta this year. Although we're not going to abandon the animation. But people will get to see a special "work in progress" full clip a la Beauty & the Beast hehe. Here's an update on the animation we're working on :

MnU animatic by ~Mars-and-Uranus on deviantART

MnU Color Keys with video by ~Mars-and-Uranus on deviantART

MnU animation layout by ~Mars-and-Uranus on deviantART

MnU Animation BG, first set by ~Mars-and-Uranus on deviantART

Well, that's all folks! :D Laters~


Jampix said...

Coool stuff dude!

Alden V said...

this is great!!! i was animation student , too. so much respect for all the work i know you're doing... and have to do.

Hadibi said...

Jampix - thanks man! :)

aldeb v - Thx! I couldn't be happier doing this project with my buddies :D

I'll update some different stuff in my blog about the animation when I can :)

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