First Born Scene

Yes, we've hatced our first scene~ and she looks so beautiful! (misty-eyed) I'm so proud of the others :) They're doing a really good job of the animation project. Everything is looking good!
On a sad note though, we wont be able to show the finished version in this year's Comic Fiesta :( But we will be showing a work-in-progress of the whole animation. Everyone will be able to see fully animated scenes, rough animations and storyboards/color keys of the whole animation. The music is also being worked up on, making the sound much better. We'll be working on our fourth artbook. Plans have already been made to checkup on the production so everyone doesnt slack off (hehe).
We have big plans and hopefully everything will run smoothly :) So without further ado, here's the Baby Girl.

Our First Scene with video by ~Mars-and-Uranus on deviantART

Also as a bonus, a tutorial from the MnU background department. I've made this little tutorial to show them how I painted grass.

MnU Animation Painting Grass by ~Mars-and-Uranus on deviantART

Go for gold MnU! As long as it looks good! ;)


aaaokay said...

Wow, sign me up! I look forward to checking it out. It looks great.

Hadibi said...

Hey, thanks for writing here :) I'll keep you posted~ :D

thesandman said...

impressive.. most impressive!

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