MnU Animation, Progress

Production is moving slowwwwwwly :( All due to the fact that we have to finish our book first in time for Comic Fiesta. The artbook production is going rather smoothly, with all the MnU members churning out some neat stuff!
I can't help but wishing CF would come here faster though. Because I want to see the animation production going on full force! XD So far there's just a few people involved. But even with the little we have, I'm LOVING the look of the animation *_* Imagine if everyone is focusing their energy to do it, WAH MnU Maju Jaya! hahahaha
Here's more stuff cause I didn't post last week :B

MnU Animation BG, second set by ~Mars-and-Uranus on deviantART

MnU Animation Adding Texture by ~Mars-and-Uranus on deviantART

Sc26 Effects with video by ~Mars-and-Uranus on deviantART

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