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Hey guys & gals! I'm really excited with the convetions that MNU will be participating this year! Of course there's Comic Fiesta 2006 (CF2006) & the Sci-Fi Convention at Cineleisure Damansara (I hope I spelt that corrrectly).

Sent the book to the printers last week so hopwfully we'll get the books soon! O_O For those of you who'll be attending CF2006, we'll be selling the books and a free comic book (limited) at RM30! So buyyyyy! It's cheap and it's fun, just like a Nintendo Wii! (lol)

We'll also be selling posters (A3) but haven't really set a price to them yet.

For those of you overseas who wants the book, we're planning on selling them online too! Good news, yes? :D

So if you haven't seen how the new book looks like, here's some previews! BUY!

-MnU Illustrative Content IV- by ~Mars-and-Uranus on deviantART

MNU iv Book Preview by ~Mars-and-Uranus on deviantART

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