Gem Hunter for MnU Artbook 2007

This is for the MnU Artbook 2007. It's still not finished I'm loving the artworks for Odin Sphere and Grim Grimoire. I can't draw like the guy so I at least wanted learn a little bit of his color choices. Here's hoping at least it looks like a game art.

Gem Hunter for MnU Artbook 2007

By the way, it's a new rendition of my Gem Hunter character which I haven't given a name yet.


www.jrdesignstudio.com said...

I also like the drawing. It's quite detailed and a great colour scheme too. I can draw a little bit but not like that at all.



Gnd @ gndagnor said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting :D

Some people are good in illustration but not in design, like me :P Haha so, lots of people in the world good at something :D

Malcolm said...

we need more!! haha awesome. =]

Haizum said...


I featured you in my latest post. =P

Haizum said...


Haizum said...

Grr... come on man, update! You can't keep doing this! =P By the way, I tagged you in my blog. Click here

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