Gem Hunter & Angel

Eep, rushed this artwork for Pocket: MnU Mini Artbook 01! *_* Damn, I love painting lol I don't do it much these days. I wonder why...maybe I should make up my own projects. I'm thinking of making a little game out of these characters.

Gen Hunter & Angel for MnU

Gem Hunter (yeah, he has no name yet!) was supposed to have his own flash animation. Here's what he looked like way back when I first created him. His design will keep on changing. I want to see him keep evolving into something different everytime. It's good practice for me anyway :P

Gem Hunter Concept Screens

The Angel girl has a name. I called her Cheryl. She appeared in a really short comic I did when MAAO (Malaysian Amatuer Artists Online) was still alive. I don't like it so I'll have to think of a new one for her haha :P

I'm thinking of making a short flash game for this. Till next time! ^_^

PS - I have to start designing this blog...even my sister's blog looks better than mine :P Ack!


maslight said...

lol...i have to agree about the blog design...kekekekeke...acom changes her blog layout every now and then oh XD

Haizum said...

OI! What do you mean "even my sister's blog looksbetter than mine"?? Is that supposed to mean it's crappy?! You freak! Make me a header! :D

Hello Massy!! *waves to Massy*

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